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2006 Tennisfax/COGP Awards

These players earned a #1 ranking in the final 2006 Tennisfax-COGP Tour Rankings following the COGP Masters tournament.



Men's Singles
Scott Sajowitz

Men's Doubles
Ross Wilson

Women's Singles
Lucy Mitchell

Women's Doubles
Alison Ojeda & Melissa Schaub

Mixed Doubles
Amanda Hollenbaugh

35 Mixed Doubles
Jonalee Roahrig & Randy Stewart

Men's 35 Singles
Pete Mudre, Jr.

Men's 35 Doubles
Pete Mudre, Jr. & Steve Mudre

Women's 35 Singles
Alice Wright

Women's 35 Doubles
No Rankings Issued

Men's 45 Singles
Willie Crawford

Men's 45 Doubles
Dave Goins & Randy Stewart

Women's 45 Singles
Sheila Chiricosta

45 Mixed Doubles
Kathy Kinnard & Alan Kinnard

Men's 55 Singles
Dave Goins

Men's 55 Doubles
Jeff Boston & Steve Strome

Men's 65 Singles
Chuck McNamee

Men's 65 Doubles
No Rankings Issued

Boys' 18 Singles
Tyler Cempre

Boys' 18 Doubles
Andrew Morgan & Zach Weaver

Boys' 16 Singles
Tyler Cempre

Boys' 14 Singles
Ari Richman

Boys' 14 Doubles
Myles Harris & William Loudermilk

Boys' 12 Singles
CJ Cash

Boys' 10 Singles
Jack Hughes

Girls' 18 Singles
Kelsey Kinnard

Girls' 18 Doubles
Lauren Cellentani & Christine Lehman

Girls' 16 Singles
Nisha Crouser

Girls' 14 Singles
Nisha Nataraj

Girls' 14 Doubles
No Rankings Issued

Girls' 12 Singles
Anna Sanford

Girls' 10 Singles
Audrey Berger

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